Casa Sottomonte
Exclusive vacation rental home in the heart of Tuscany!
Live the Life of Tuscany

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Live the life of Tuscany and experience the sites, tastes, and lifestyle that this region, one of the most beautiful in the world is known for!

Casa Sottomonte is set among the beautiful Tuscan countryside. There are many picturesque walking trails five minutes from the front door. You will see ancient Roman aqueducts, classic Tuscan farmhouses, a recently restored chapel, and a natural spring that you can use to fill up water bottles for a refreshing drink on your walking adventure.

                                          Casa Sottomonte Walking Trails

Casa Sottomonte is three miles from the walled city of Lucca, close to Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, and the Mediterranean Sea. Rome and Venice are great 'Day' trips accessible by train. It is in a perfect location for you to go out and explore the entire country!



                  PISA                       CINQUE TERRE



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